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Knowledge Hub has an objective of being a pinnacle of technology, education and skills. So any member, whether it be an Institution of Higher Education  or an Individual who hope to achieve a lot in respect of acquiring knowledge, skills and technological abilities. The benefits could be summarized as follows -  

As an Institution – By being a member of the Knowledge Hub, an Institution of Higher Education could expect to acquire the skills and expertise of a highly knowledgeable individual/professional/educator at any given time, whenever the need arises.  

As an Individual – An educator or a professional / individual could volunteer his / her expertise to the learner’s community and contribute to the society. At the same time he can avail the right platform / exposure by participating in various events / seminars and by sharing, disseminating and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

A member of a Knowledge Hub can also avail:

>> Support of a collaborative environment and gaining knowledge and expertise from each other
>> Development and sharing of new ideas and strategies
>> Sharing of valuable experiences
>> Provide potentially endless access to expertise/resources
>> Generate discussions and debate among the educators
>> Provide authenticated information to the student community

In addition, the Knowledge Hub will develop and facilitate the platform for:

>> Connecting educators, professionals and academic institutions across India for learning and sharing
>> Organize and facilitate activities of the knowledge hub for member institutions based on the needs of students and academicians for learning and sharing
>> Use a range of mechanisms to build linkages and networks among colleagues including meetings and workshops, conference, webinars and e-forums

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